Alex Harris

Good Eggs Zine - Spring 2024

Grocery delivery company Good Eggs hired me to illustrate a variety of spots for a promotional zine to be included in orders in the spring of 2024.


Original Illustrations

Popular Products

Bathing CultureCheeseGhiaMinor FiguresModel Bakery English MuffinsPost Flirtation WineRancho Gordo Mayocoba BeansRebel Within Muffin

Bottled Goods

Acid League VinaigretteBowlcut Chili CrispINNA PickleTia Lupita Salsa VerdeWinter Harvest Persimmon Vinegar

Fruits and Vegetables

RaddichioGingerPeeled GrapefruitGrapefruit SliceGrapefruit SlicesGrapefruitSumo Tangerine SlicesSumo Tangerine
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